Largest Computer and Mobile Mela in Jamuna Future Park, Bangladesh

Largest Computer and Mobile Mela in Jamuna Future Park


The largest Computer and Mobile Mela will be held in Jamuna Future Park Bangladesh from February 27, 2014 to March 8, 2014. It will be held at Level 4. Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) will organize the fair.


“Totthoi Sokti, Projuktite Mukti” – this is the slogan of this fair. In a press conference,  Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) president Mostafa Jabbar said – all type of latest mobile features, Digital Lifestyle and ICT World related news will be available here.


ICT market at Jamuna Future Park is build with around 250000 sqf . More than 150 organization will be present at the fair with their goods and facilities.


Entry ticket for the fair is 20 taka, but student can enter the fair without fee by showing their ID card. Fair will be started at 10.00AM and will be continued until 8.00PM.

Now Google AdSense wire transfer (EFT) available in Bangladesh

google adsense

Google has introduced new payment method AdSense wire transfer (EFT) for Bangladeshi publishers. At last one of the dream has come true for thousands of Bangladeshi Adsense Publisher. AdSense has allowed Bangladeshi publisher to transfer their money directly to their bank account in Bangladesh.So now there will another payment method available for the publisher to choose. Country Consultant of Google in Bangladesh Kazi Monirul Kabir has confirmed it by his Facebook status.

Before that, Bangladeshi publishers have only two options to encash their money 1)  Check - Standard Delivery and 2) Check - Secured Express Delivery ($28.00 Processing Fee). But in Bangladesh most of the banks has been refusing to accept this kind to cheque to encash. And some days back, almost every banks refused to accept those cheques. So thousands Bangladeshi publisers had no limit of sufferings.By AdSense wire transfer (EFT) those suffering will be ended.

Mr Kazi Monirul Kabir has posted to this Facebook status -

"Hi everyone,

Good news for our publishers located in Bangladesh: it’s now possible to receive U.S. Dollar international wire transfer payments as an alternative to checks. This payment option offers a fast, secure, and convenient way to receive AdSense payments, and will be available with the upgrade of your account to our new payments system. If your account isn’t yet on the new system but you’ve exceeded the $100 payment threshold this month, we’ll be sure to perform this upgrade for you prior to the upcoming November payment.

We recommend checking with your bank to learn more about the process for receiving an international wire transfer payment. To enable wire transfers, sign in to your AdSense account and provide the wire transfer details as provided by your bank. Google doesn’t charge a fee to send wire transfer payments, but we recommend that you ask your bank about any fees or commissions they may charge for wire transfers. Full details about wire transfer payments can be found in our Help Center.

This option is currently only available to publishers located in Bangladesh, with bank accounts in the same country. We’ll be offering wire transfer payments in more countries soon, so stay tuned for more info.


The Google AdSense Team"


Teletalk Going to Start 3G Network in Rajshahi City

Teletalk 3G operation in Rajshahi City Bangladesh


Teletak is the first mobile operator in Bangladesh who has started 3G service in Bangladesh.As part of 3G operation, they implemented 3G infrastructure in Dhaka and some region of Chittagong.

So they are going to start 3G service in Rajshahi Division.They have started the process to complete the preparation of 3G implementation.As a part of that they have set up a tower in the BTCL Chattar in the city.

According to the government declaration, 3G service would have started in this July. But license complication of Private mobile operator, this process has being delayed.

"At this moment in the Rajshahi has 2.5G network.New instrument has been deployed. Old instrument has been sent to others districts. We will start 3G if we get order from government" - said Khorshed Alam (Assistant Manager of Teletalk - System Operation).

So it is expected that within 2 or 3 months, 3G service will be available in Rajshahi City.

Bangladesh government has re-opened the YouTube in Bangladesh

Bangladesh government has re-opened the YouTube in Bangladesh


At last Bangladesh government has re-opened the YouTube in Bangladesh. So by the decision of BTRC a ban situation of almost 9 months has been ended.  So millions of people will be able to access YouTube without any interruption.

BTRC had imposed a ban on September 17, 2012 on playing the  video of a film titled ‘The Innocence of Muslims’, which denigrates Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), on YouTube. Source of BTRC officials has said that they requested to stop playing that video in Bangladesh, but YouTube authority denied the request of Bangladesh. As a result Bangladesh Government took the decision.

BTRC chairman Sunil Kanti Bosh has informed verbally and by email to the all IIG operator to lift the ban from YouTube today.

Acer bring up Android PC instead of Windows PC

Acer bring up Android PC instead of Winddows PC


Acer has bring up an Android PC instead of windows PC. They have chosen Android as operating system for their All-In-One PC where they were using Windows operating system for others products.


It is said that the popularity of Android operation system influenced Acer to choose the Android operating system. They implemented Android into their new product DA220HQL 25.5 inch multi touch display PC.


Price for the new product has been set up $400. This could be used as a Desktop PC and Tablet PC as well. This step of Acer take the popularity of Android OS into one step higher. We will not be surprised if other tech giant used Android into their products in future.

YouTube launching a pilot program offering paid channels

YouTube launching a pilot program offering paid channels.


YouTube launching a pilot program for a small group of partners that will offer paid channels on YouTube with subscription fees starting at $0.99 per month.YouTube has published a blog post on their official blog today.There is a 14 day trial for each channel. So when you sign up, you’ll be able to watch paid channels on your computer, phone, tablet and TV, and soon you’ll be able to subscribe to them from more devices.

For example if you subscribe "National Geographic Kids" channel, you will be able to see all of their video's. You can find out paid channel from YouTube or you can find out some YouTube paid channel here.

"This is just the beginning. We’ll be rolling paid channels out more broadly in the coming weeks as a self-service feature for qualifying partners. And as new channels appear, we'll be making sure you can discover them" said in the blog post.

If you are interested to build a paid channel, you can contact YouTube.

How to get more Twitter followers free-Best way to get Twitter followers

How to get more Twitter followers free

Twitter is one of the popular social networking and micro-blogging website. Twitter has been growing up very rapidly. That's why to obtain additional twitter followers is among the online demand for the internet activist.

       Twitter is not just a social networking site, it's being used as a social marketing site as well. For this reason demand of Twitter followers is rising up. This information will allow you to obtain additional Twitter followers for your profile. Just Follow the below steps -

1) Complete your profile:

    Remember this is your first faltering step in the Twitter world. Do you know who likes any deficient things? All of the people create a verdict by viewing your profile whether to follow along with you or not to follow. So in the beginning complete your profile. Select a excellent picture, write an extremely suitable bio message that will brief about you, select a good background and get verified. You understand, profile is your first impression. So make your first impression better.

2) Tweet Regularly :

    Regularity is among the key factor to get succeeded in life. It can be appropriate here. Tweet regularly, This may make your followers happy that you're a typical user. Regular users must posts updated contents. Followers are definite to get you more interesting.

3) Be Resourceful :

    That is one of the very key point to obtain additional follower in Twitter. Be resourceful about your tweets. Because if I ask you a question that you like bogus, unnecessary, junk, boring etc contents? I could bet that the answer is of-course a big "NO ". So never tweets pointless contents. Always bear in mind the general public interests, think which contents will help audience, which contents can attract audience. So normally be resourceful when tweets.

4) Be Interactive :

    Don't be described as a boring person. Make interactions with your followers. Whenever you tweet something, your followers may touch upon it. Answer those queries in publicly. If anybody Re-tweet your tweets, convey a thanks to them. If you learn anything interesting of your followers  tweets, touch upon them.
Ask an opinion of your followers about any issue. This will engage other followers into the tweet.

5) Tweet at the proper time :

    What is the greatest time for tweets? Actually time has not defined. There is a good question indeed. How will you expect anyone to follow along with you if they're asleep? So the suggestion is you have to tweet on that point if you find most possibilities to be observed, after all if you find most people surfing Twitter. So learn your best time, make an recommendation to the audience.

6) Follow and be followed :

    Get followed and do follow is the main concentration with this article. To get more Twitter followers, you have to follow along with others. So follow blindly as much as you can. If you follow 1000 people, there's an absolute chance a portion of that folks will follow you back. Find out individuals who have same interest as you have, follow them. Comment on the tweets, if it is interesting the Re-tweet it. At some stage they will believe you ought to be followed.

    Discover some profile who has huge followers. Follow them and comment on the tweets. You know if you give something to others, then you can certainly expect to get back something.

7) Use your online presence:

    We're discussing online activities. Twitter is among the part of the activities. Use your Twitter profile in your email signature, forum signature, blogs signature, visiting cards etc. Invite or transmit your twitter URL to friends and family, colleagues, relatives etc. More you invite, more you are certain to get new followers.

8) Send messages to your followers:

    Communicating with your followers is a very significant matter. We're seeking more followers, but we can't overlook our existing followers. Send messages them occasionally. In-fact not occasionally, if you find something where matches the interest, you can send them a message. This creates a good affiliation with your followers.

9) Avoid too much promotion:

    Nothing wrong with promotion of your products, posts, websites etc. In-fact we are doing tough effort for type of promotions. But don't cross the limit. More promotions can suspects you as a spammer. If people think that you're a spammer, consider what will happen? They will simply un-follow you.

10) Use hash(#) tag :

    You can sort out your tweets utilizing a hash(#) tag. Some people search twitter through categories. So if you tweet about "Bangladesh", utilize the hash tag #Bangladesh. This will facilitate make your post noticeable to those individuals who search for the tagged keyword "Bangladesh ".

Source: Tutorial Bite

Top Ten Bangladeshi Websites-Top 10 Websites of Bangladesh

Ranking in the web depends on many criteria - Visitors, Contents quality,Sites Updates frequency etc and many more. So ranking measurement varies for different companies. After considering reliability, integrity, accuracy - Among the all type of Bangladeshi websites here is the Top ten Bangladeshi Web Sites list -



So it seems that news sites of Bangladesh are clearly ahead. Ranking is changeable and it can be up/down of the ranks anytime for the sites. Ranking was considered among the data of 20-04-2013.

Internet Bandwidth Price reduced again in Bangladesh

Internet Bandwidth Price reduced again in Banlgadesh



Internet Bandwidth Price  in Bangladesh reduced again. Last month This time it will be reduced 37.5% . The Submarine Cable Company decided to set price for 1 Mbps from 8000 taka to 5000 taka. The proposal is now waiting for BTRC approval. After BTRC approval it will take impact. According to the telecom ministry - this step is government's Digital Bangladesh campaign.


Last Price deduction was held on August 2012. That time it was stepped down from 10000 taka to 8000 taka for per Mbps Bandwidth. At this time there are 31.5 Million Internet user in Bangladesh which is growing up very rapidly because Internet facilities is becoming more easier day by day in our country.


Government should follow up so that this price reduction facilities can be reached to the grass-root level.


Top Ten Bangla Blog Sites-Top 10 Bangladeshi Blogs Sites

Top Ten Bangla Blog Sites-Top 10 Bangladeshi Blogs Sites


I have a curiosity to know the top blog sites of Bangladesh. As a result i searched the web and found various rankings method about website.I found useful about ranking method which is Alexa ranking. All though it has a debate about the methods of Alexa ranking.

After all it is the reliable method which shows the top 10 Bangladeshi bangla blog sites.


*** This information was collected on dated 17-04-2013. Ranking is changeable.

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